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Assalamualaikum and hello everyone, this is Norzi again. If u are my blog follower or a silent reader, you might know more or less about me and about 'things' that I usually blog. I usually write in Malay but this time, I’m doing something a little different.I had decided to write in English but this is maybe can be a mixed languages blog. From day one of creating this blog, I was like to write in English but considering readers are Malay so i guessed write in Malay is much friendlier. I hope language is not an issue, sharing information  and write good topics is matter.

Just to share with you, I am now preparing entries pertaining my visit to Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. At some points , I stucked and not so sure which topic should I start first. The food, culture, weather, places we went, public transport , all come at one time. So , I do need more time to properly write, so that i would not shy when i read my post again :) . Writing an entry is a matter to me,  which I considered it as the most challenging part. 

While checking  for my pictures in Hong Kong , I coincidently found this picture. I just realized, I am too busy (or too old?) until I am not able to manage to remember when the picture was taken. I have checked all other related pictures to this, and crossed check with the date and finally I got the clue already, this was taken during Hari Raya in 2010. Of course it was not on the first day of Raya, it was on 2nd or third week of Raya. My youngest baby was delivered in May 2010. So , she was just  5 to 6 months old that time. Only after I checked on the picture properties I had recalled this and to be sincere our outfit  in the picture is self explanatory too, that this was kind of raya celebration. Pelupa sungguh dah Norzi ni..I dont think I am too old for this, haha. Or probably this is one of the sign being-a-matured-aka -an old -lady?. Owh my... how bad i am. 

Let me elaborate a bit about my friend. She was my secondary schoolmates. Even though after several years we were apart , yes, we were not constantly texted and talked on the phone but we are still good friends. During our teen aged, we lived in the same kampung. If u also lived in Kampung Malaysia Tambahan, Sungai Besi during the year of 1980-1990s , I think we should know each other :) or probably we went to the same primary school? I went to Sekolah Rendah Salak South / Salak Selatan.  I lived in kampung Malaysia for about 17-18 years before we migrated to Puchong, Selangor. During my secondary school, there were about 4 of us and we were closed to each other. 

Talking about my school days which is history already, every day  was such a suffering day to me because we used to go to school by public transport, formerly known as Bus Tong Foong, one of the famous public transport in Kuala Lumpur. Going to school by bus was not what I always want, it just that not an opt. I am not regret at all but I am thankful to my parents for everything. I do really appreciate it.

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“Semoga Allah SWT akan membalas kamu dengan kebaikan yang banyak dan semoga Allah SWT akan membalas kamu dengan balasan yang terbaik.”.

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