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It was quite looong chat, laugh and eat with buddies. We were having delicious brownies walnut and each of us ordered brownies walnut with a scoop of ice cream strawberry flavoured on the top. It was at Secret Recipe! The dessert was just such a perfect combinations. See below pics . We loved it! Did you feel the same? and i think it is soo irresistible until you cannot say 'No' to this. Combination of the brownie with chocolate syrup + ice cream ..ermm seriously made me tempted. and again I just loved it. I hope my statement is not over exaggerating :)

Did you know where were we? See the top picture. I am pretty sure u know it already . This is a new menu @ Secret Recipe and you must try it out. What is the recipe? Sorry couldn't share it , I guessed there must be secret ingredients; hahah :) Frankly speaking, I have never tried brownies recipe , I mean as of now ,-never- and I am not interested to try it myself. For health reason, I need to control to minimize chocolate intake . I mean everyone likes a sweet treat once in a while, but need to minimize it due several factors (lack of exercise and the most menakutkan I is age-related factor) . Ok , next mesti berazam to exercise for my own good. 

To try out this menu will cost you about RM10 per piece, not including drinks ok and this price is - more or less including all the taxes that Secret Recipe gonna charge u. But if u order more foods and cakes , please do calculate it yourself ya . :). 

Stay happy and healthy ,


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