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Unifi Mobile Products

UniFi Mobile Products
Range from RM99 , RM59, RM39, RM29, RM19

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RM 59 / month  
(Usual Price: RM99)
Unlimited Call. SMS and Data 
Contract 12 months
Limited time offer, ends 31.12.2019

 UNIFI MOBILE RM99 (Unlimited , No Contract)

RM 99 / month  
(Usual Price: RM139)
Unlimited Call. SMS and Data 

10GB Data (9GB LTE + 1GB 3G/LTE)
100 mins calls & 25 SMS
No Contract
For those who need data in their day-to-day profession

No Contract

RM29 / Month
No Contract
For mum and dad who need data to stay connected to family

RM19 / Month
No Contract
Fot those starting out and just need the basics

Unifi Mobile pakej unlimited data , sms and call. Pay cheap with promotion for 2019 and 2020.

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