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Assalamualaikum...  ok entri hari ni nak tukar bahasa sikit sebab tadi tonton Shila Amzah!   (entri ni tak abis tulis, masuk draft dah 2 hari ni :) ). Masa tengok Asian Wave 2012 tu , Norzi rasa kosong bila semua cakap mandarin.. alamak takda subtitle, takda translation..or translator. . . then when i heard Shila spoke in English baru la rasa kurang stress ..At last, after  few months peoples were talking about Nur Shahila Amir Amzah or known as Shila (pic) winning award  in Asian Wave 2012 in   Shanghai, ,only last 2 days i managed to watch her performances in youtube. pssttt.. U know what, she is now a millionaires!. 

 I loooooove her performances! seriously shes sooo gorgeous and she was born to be a performer . she is just so good and she got the Aurass! what else can u say about her? she deserves it ! she is just wooww that night . Guess what, i watched  every single song that she sang and i analysed her style, the way she walked , moved, smiled and everything . She is just amazing, one of Allah's creations. She is certainly not an average singer! Go Shiela!

The best performances of Shila Amzah 

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