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Assalamualaikum and hi all,
I would like to thank my sister for forwarding these good tips. I am happy to share it with all of you, readers. Please take care of ourselves and May Allah protects us all the time.

1. What should a woman do if she finds herself in a situation where she was with a suspicious man in a lift when climbing through the apartment at night?
Experts advise: Log lift and press buttons for every level of your home. No one would dare to attack you in the lift it is stops at every level.

2. What should a woman do if she finds someone that is not recognized try to attack at home when she is alone ?
Experts advise: Run to the kitchen. You know where is the chili powder or turmeric in the store. Or where is the knife and the dish was. All of these objects may be swapped into a dangerous weapon. Throw all kitchen appliances to the attackers. Let things broke and let he cried as hard hearts. Remember, sound is an enemy to your attackers.

3. What should a woman do if she needs to take a taxi at night time?
Experts advise: Before entering into the taxi, take the taxi registration number. Use your phone to contact your family or your friends and give them the  taxi details in a language that can be understood by the taxi driver . Although none answering your call, you may pretend talking to someone over the phone. The taxi driver is now know someone has had enough he's information and would be in serious trouble if anything happens to you. He is now bound to make sure you get to the destination safely. 

4) What if the taxi driver swaps the guide path and entering the danger zone?
Experts advise: Use your handbag strap  to pull back the taxi driver's neck . He will feel suffocated in a few moments. In case you do not have handbag, pull the taxi's driver collar shirt. Upper portion shirt will also produce the same impression.

5. What should a woman do if she feels herself being followed at night time?
Experts advise: Go into the shops or premises. If the shops are not open at night, get into the ATM border. ATM is a place that has a safety guard. They also monitored by closed CCTV. None  would dare to attack you.

Being alert is the best weapon for a woman.

Stay alert,

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“Semoga Allah SWT akan membalas kamu dengan kebaikan yang banyak dan semoga Allah SWT akan membalas kamu dengan balasan yang terbaik.”.

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